Why I Favour the Night

or, My Justification for Staying Up Late

The night is a time of peace. I find myself able to work well when there are fewer people awake, and thus fewer distractions. There is also no sun shining and beckoning me to go outside.

There are two times of day where one can seize this distraction-free feeling. Night time is one of them, and early morning is the other. There is often a bias in society toward those who favour the morning, the early risers. Those who stay up late and consequently rise later are often seen as somewhat lazy. That really is not necessarily the case. Us night owls still have just as much time in our days as the rest of humanity, it's just offset by a few hours.

So why don't I like the mornings instead? I have two reasons.

Free Time, Free Mind

First, I dislike having my free time come before school or work. I wouldn't want my mind to be preoccupied with any school or work stress while I am trying to relax and enjoy myself. And once the workday is over, I want some time to unwind; I don't want to immediately go to bed. Thus, I favour the night, which results in my free time occurring happily after the more structured activities of the day.


Second, I build up momentum. I generally like to keep doing what I'm doing. In the mornings, that means sleeping until I get up to get ready for school or work. At night, it means staying up to work on whatever has taken my fancy that evening. I don't see why I should force myself into an arbitrary schedule when there is no real tangible benefit (of which I'm aware) over my preferred one.

Closing Words

It doesn't really matter whether you favour mornings or the night. I am not claiming that one is better than the other. I am simply explaining why I, personally, favour the night. The important thing is that you find the time and tranquillity in your day to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish.